What you need before you start:

To use the Hub Testing Integration System (HITS), you'll need the following:

You'll also need a basic knowledge of SIF REST:

You need to know how to work with a use case in HITS and access the HITS API

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How to implement NAPLAN results & reporting

1. Business problem

Allow jurisdictions (and potentially individual schools) to retrieve information about the NAPLAN test constructs for the current cycle, and about the performance of their students in the current cycle, in order to determine the level of education attainment of their students and to generate expected reporting to schools.


2. Use case description and pre-conditions

A Jurisdiction client connects to HITS, as a proxy for the National Assessment Platform, collecting the relevant information about student assessments and performance under NAPLAN, and gathering it back to jurisdiction applications for further processing.

NAPLAN results reporting conceptual diagram

NAPLAN results reporting SIF objects

Diagrams the interactions between SIF objects for this use case.



3. Use Case Workflow

Workflow summary:

  1. Join

  2. Consume (Codeframe + Results)

Note that this is not the usual workflow under HITS of Produce–Consume or Consume–Produce. This is a Consume-only workflow: the Produce component of the workflow is already captured under the NAP Registration use case.

Any processing of the NAPLAN results is out of scope of this use case, since it depends on jurisdiction-speific setup. Note that NSIP offers some support to jurisdictions for processing NAP results, throughh its NIAS toolkit.

3.1. Join Jurisdiction Zone

3.2. Consume base data

Client-facing (pull); HITS represents the National Assessment Platform and is the data source for results information.


The following is a list of calls that need to be made to consume the required information:

  1. Get SchoolInfos - http://.../SchoolInfos (from the Australian Schools List)
  2. Get StudentPersonals - http://.../StudentPersonals (HITS should determine the URLs eg http://hits.nsip.edu.au/StudentPersonals - access this information from your Dashboard.)
  3. Get NAPCodeFrames - http://.../NAPCodeFrames
  4. Get NAPTests - http://.../NAPTests
  5. Get NAPTestlets - http://.../NAPTestlets
  6. Get NAPTestItems - http://.../NAPTestItems
  7. Get NAPEventStudentLinks - http://.../NAPEventStudentLinks
  8. Get NAPStudentResponseSets - http://.../NAPStudentResponseSets
  9. Get NAPTestScoreSummarys - http://.../NAPTestScoreSummarys


As there is no Produce component to the workflow, there is also no Assurance component. Any processing of NAPLAN results will be specific to the jurisdiction’s database setup, and will need to be undertaken within the jurisdiction: it is out of scope of this use case.

More information

What is the business problem this use case addresses?

Jurisdictions need assurance that they can retrieve from the National Assessment Platform the large bulk of records associated with NAPLAN results.

Assurance pre-conditions

The following conditions also must be met:


Relevant Service Paths Supported on HITS

The Platform is likely to support service paths breaking results down by school, and possibly by year level. As the Platform is updated to realise those service paths, HITS will be updated as well.

Relevant Queries By Example Supported on HITS

None. This use case represent retrieving bulk data; querying individual records from the data scope is not currently in scope.