Validate your XML against SIF-AU schema

The HITS platform validates the SIF/XML that you submit to it, prior to ingesting XML content into its databases. Failure to validate the XML against the current SIF-AU schema will not prevent XML from being ingested into the database, but the validation output may be useful to developers seeking to ensure better compliance with SIF.

The validation done by the HITS platform uses the latest SIF-AU XSD schema, and the xmllint tool included in the libxml2 library. Developers can always replicate this kind of validation in their own environments.

To validate your XML against the latest SIF-AU schema:

  1. Go to the built in Javascript client in HITS (Developer Tools > Javascript client)
  2. Select an arbitrary SIF Provider and Database for your data. (If this is a scratchpad, you may want to create a new database for this purpose.)
  3. Select Post One as your method.
  4. In the "Parameters" body, replace the templated XML provided with the XML object you wish to validate. Note that you can only provide a single SIF object to the client.
  5. Hit Execute. The Response to your post will indicate what information HITS was able to extract out of your payload, whether it was in valid SIF or not; if it was not, the object will be empty of any real content.
  6. Go to Developer Tools > Databases, and select the Database you had selected as the destination of your post to HITS.
  7. Select the Transaction Log window for that database. Your recent post will be at the top of the log, as the most recent interaction you have had with the database.
  8. Select the hyperlinked transaction ID at the left of the log entry.
  9. You will see a popup window with the XML. The Request window will contain the payload you submitted. The Err window will contain the output of xmllint run over the payload.
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